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Optimum tax advice and dispute resolution with the ATO including Tax Audits and Objection
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top tier tax advisers for quality tax compliance services and growth focused business accountants


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Business Accounting made easy with Quantum House with our expert knowledge of businesses in various industries and customised accounting solutions for your business. Small or Medium sized businesses enjoy their freedom from compliance burden by working with us.


Simple or complex, all tax issues resolved with Quantum House for businesses and individuals including tax returns and advice. We are also specialized for complex dispute resolutions with the ATO for easy ending tax audit, successful objections and reduced or eliminated penalties.


We deliver business valuation, due diligences and performance evaluation services with proven history of success. Prudential financial planning and administration for self managed superannuation fund aligns with our foundational philosophy.

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Sydney Accountants & Melbourne Accountants  & Tax Audit Specialists

At Quantum, leading small business accountants and tax advisers in Sydney and Melbourne provide top quality accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals. Small and medium sized businesses and individuals especially with complex investment portfolios are our main clients. The vision of our practice is to protect our clients’ best interests without compromising the regulatory compliance risks. For this reason, we take limitless professional responsibilities towards our professional works. To enable our work being fulfilled in a holistic way, and our clients being fully benefited from our work, we form a collaborated relationships with other professionals especially in finance and legal sector without putting our own interest there. The accounting profession has a long history of reporting focused. This means we are good at analysing and reporting with an approved format called financial report. With the financial report, the tax is calculated, and with the report, banks lend money to businesses and individuals, and with the report, the businesses are transferred and sold at a certain price. We know this is important. We know that. One day, someone asked himself “What if my accountant or business adviser tells me what to do next on time so that I can make my own decision on time?’. This was a breakthrough for our profession but was not easy to implement as we are and our professional partners including software companies have been all focused on history, not future. With the questions raised and the help of our software and knowledge partners, we are now able to answer the questions one asked long ago. We are one of them who adopted the future and growth focused accounting and business advisory services with our “Predictive Intelligence System”. We now tell our clients to be ready the changes coming, guide them to manage the business in a way more profitable and growth-focused. Cash flow management is now much more understandable for most of our clients. So, if you want to experience the new accounting services and taxation services, please join us and enjoy your life. We are leading accountants in Sydney and Melbourne.