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Accounting & Tax – Legally Smart with Quantum

You are the experts for legal matters. Working with accounting and taxation experts brings critical values to your firm and your clients.

We understand how lawyers in Australia work as we have been working with lawyers in taxation area for many years. In fact, our managing director worked in a Sydney based law firm in the past.

A good management system with a computerised software gives firms to manage in a better way, but it requires support from professional accountants to meet the regulatory requirements for trust account management and tax compliance.

Your clients will be benefited from our expert tax and business advice for many occasions and matters, and this will add values to your firm perhaps more than you expected. Please contact our office to have a free consultation meeting with our managing director how we can work together to achieve the “win-win” strategy. Please contact us for the burden free initial consultation from us.

Areas of Service:

  • Accounting and Tax Compliance
  • Trust Account Management and Audit (external examination in New South Wales and Victoria)
  • System consulting for accounting and trust account management
  • Resolving of tax matters for your clients


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