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With the property boom, running a real estate agent business requires a competitive edge

Real Estate Agencies in Australia are facing fierce competition in the industry. Acquiring clients for the sales and rent are getting harder, and it requires better management to win the game. Trust account management and collection of the rent on time are challenging for those agencies with less than three years in the business.

With Quantum, your agent business will have better management solutions with the help of technology and management skills. This enables your business stand out from the crowd, and regulatory compliance requirements are as simple as ABC including the trust account audit, accounting and tax. Working with us also gives a great value to your business for the high-end tax advice given to your clients. Please contact us for the burden free initial consultation from us.

Areas of Service:

  • General accounting using computerised solutions
  • Trust ledger management and administration
  • Trust account audit report
  • Taxation services
  • Client engagements for taxation issues of the purchase and sales of properties

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