Our tax advisers deliver more than you expect!

tax advisers

Taxation is one of the most complex laws in Australia. However, to our tax experts, handling complex tax issues is one of the daily routines. Since taxation law is not an exact science, proper advice on complex tax issues requires the right knowledge and applicable experiences for the cases.

Our taxation service team is one of the top levels in Australia with a proven history for last 6 years.  Our tax advisers and tax consultants with Chartered Tax Adviser qualification from the Tax Institute not only handle simple tax returns but more specialised in tax advisory and dispute resolution with the tax authorities including the ATO and the state government revenue departments. To maintain our position at the top level in this field, we heavily invest into our resources and system. We let our clients get informed once we analyse changes coming in legislation, ATO’s position as well as recent court cases. With this proactive tax advice given to our clients, it gives our clients the time to plan and prepare the changes.

We have also built a team of tax experts that is specialised to resolve various tax matters. Our team of tax lawyers and advisers has proved we are the best option to resolve different tax matters with the ATO.

Detailed Services Areas:

  • Tax returns for all entity types

  • International tax including transfer pricing and CFC

  • Land tax

  • Tax effective business structuring

  • Payroll tax

  • Tax advice & planning

  • Tax dispute resolution including ATO audits, voluntary disclosure and objections

  • Providing the second opinion for tax accountants and financial advisers