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Business Advisory & Consulting

Business Profit Optimisation

Business Health Check and Risk Assessment used by major banks and large corporations  help our clients’ business performance and forecasting. We provide this service to make sure our client businesses are heading to right direction. Business Health Check assures the current business performance and position is optimal and provides practical and specific solutions to improve business performance and cashflow. It also allows our clients to understand the key drivers and make better business decisions. This powerful business advisory system along with industry benchmark and outlook will deliver a wide range of services such as:

  • Business planning
  • Business Advisory 
  • Marketing plan
  • Business loan application support
  • Business evaluation
  • Due diligence test before buying a new business
  • Business profit optimisation

With this unique program, we do help businesses to increase their values. It involves valuing the business, identifying the areas to improve and implementation. Most of our business clients have some part of this unique benefits from us. Unlike many other accountants, we do focus future of business based on past historical data. For this particular program, we guarantee the success. If you have plan to sell your business in near future or struggling making enough profit or cashflow, please contact our office for help. We will guide you how to increase your business value and reach the optimal financial targets.

Cashflow & Budget

In modern business world, managing cashflow and planning is vitally important to allow the business is floating. Failing to manage this could often result in failing businesses. Thus, our business support team engages huge amount time and effort to deliver reliable and effective cashflow analysis for our business clients.

Business Structure

Right structure of business vehicle not only gives the business owners the flexibility of running businesses but also benefits in terms of taxation. However, care must be taken when setting up business structure and following distributions as there have been significant changes in court cases and the ATO rulings regarding this matter. For example, division 7A must be carefully considered for unpaid present entitlement for trust distribution. Also capital gains tax can be discounted under trust through distributions to individual beneficiaries but not under company.

We do setup various types of trust that meets the purpose of businesses. We also review existing trust deeds to comply with the legal environment change such as the Bamford case. Tax Consolidation to minimise compliance costs and effective tax planning is another area we look at for our clients.

Payroll & Employee Entitlement Management

Managing employee payroll and complying with the relevant law is challenging tasks for Australian employers. The regulations require employers to provide payment slips with information of employee entitlements. Although businesses use business or payroll software to ease this task, it is always safe way to check with the expert whether current practice is complying with the law.

Corporate Services

We are a registered Australian Securities and Investments Commission (the ASIC) agent, and our solution for company setup is the most time and cost effective. As an agent, we lodge various the ASIC forms instantly using our in-house software connected to the ASIC, so our clients do not miss the communication with the ASIC, and we update any changes on time to avoid any possible penalties under the Corporations Act 2001.

Overseas Trading Support and Branch Setup

We support local businesses to go abroad with our extensive knowledge and experience in international trading. We are especially confident to support businesses developing major Asian markets such as China, Korea and Japan with our extensive network with those countries.

We also help overseas companies who wish to setup business stands in Australia and New Zealand by doing market research, setting up business structure, marketing support and business management.

 Business Consulting

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Industry Information
  • Market Research
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Business Evaluation
  • Process Improvements

Project Development & Management

  • Training Organization Setup and Support (RTO)
  • Property Development Structure and Management
  • Joint Venture Development

R&D Tax Incentive Grant

R&D Tax Incentive Program is backed by Australian Federal Government for those innovative businesses in Australia. Eligible businesses will have refundable Tax Incentives through tax returns. Please inquire to our team for more information.


Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

Australian Government supports Australian businesses developing export market with their goods and services. Export Market Development Grant is the initiative from Austrade supporting those businesses by provide up to 50% grant for the actual expenditure incurred. Our Business Grant team led by Ben Youn has extensive experiences in the areas of EMDG consulting and supporting in preparation of compliance documents, claiming the grant and subsequent audits from the agency.